The Most Amazing Teacup Puppies For Sale

At Greenland Puppies, we strive to bring home to you the most exclusive and tiniest teacup puppies with stellar health, and for each of them, their own amazing personality. We specialized in four breeds: Teacup Maltese, Teacup Poodles, Teacup Yorkies, and Teacup Maltipoo, a hybrid of Teacup Maltese and Teacup Poodle.

teacup puppies for sale

About Us

Greenland Puppies was started as a small family Teacup puppy breeding program that focuses on producing the best quality Teacup puppies possible in terms of health and temperament. Our dogs are highly socialized and spoiled with love and care. Our mission is to produce healthy, strong, and beautiful Teacup companion puppies for pet-loving families by raising our puppies in a home environment. All our puppies are potty trained and friendly with kids.

We are 100% devoted to family and pups. We have been raising the cutest Teacup Maltese since getting our first breeding trio in June 2000, and now the awesome Teacup Poodles, Teacup Yorkies, and the Gorgeous Maltipoo. We are excited to see what their future holds.

About Teacup Puppies

Even though Teacup puppies are not an officially recognized breed, Tiny, purse-sized pups have become increasingly popular over the past decade. A teacup dog is a miniature version of a breed that’s already small—Maltese, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Poodle mixes, etc.

How Small is a Teacup Dog?

A teacup dog is a dog that is at least a year old and measures 17 inches or less. They generally weigh 4 pounds or less at maturity. However, there is no one mandatory size since teacup dogs are not a regulated or official breed.