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maltese for sale

Luna – Teacup Maltese

$1,100 – $600

Status: Available
Sex: Female
weight: 2lbs
Age: 11 Weeks
Color: White
Vaccination: Up To Date
Litter Box Trained: Yes
Micro Chipped: Yes
Health guarantee
What’s included: Veterinarian examination
Shipping: Available & Ready For New Home

About our Teacup Maltese for Sale

Maltese for Sale | Maltese Puppy for Sale Florida

The Teacup Maltese is an adorable breed of dog that weighs only about 4 lbs at maturity! It’s almost as small as the Teacup Chihuahua. With a cute fluffy white coat and a friendly and loving nature, it is no surprise that this breed of dog has increased greatly in popularity over the last two decades. These pups have a wonderful, playful personality, making an excellent companions and lapdogs to many.


The Teacup Maltese is an adorable dog who is very small. We expect all our Teacup Maltese for sale to stand at about 8 inches tall and weigh 4 or 5 lbs full-grown. They have an easily identifiable round face with black eyes, which is why they look so cute!


This teacup dog has a single coat that is quite thick. Due to the fact they do not have an undercoat, their coat is hypoallergenic which means they are perfect for those with allergies because they do not shed.
The Teacup Maltese can have their coat long or cut short — it depends on how much you want to groom them!


According to the breed standard, the only acceptable color for the Teacup Maltese to be is white. All other colors have been unacceptable since 1913.


The Teacup Maltese is a loving and friendly dog that just wants to be around its humans! Originally bred to be a lap dog, the Maltese hasn’t lost this trait and certainly likes to curl up with you and show you how much they love you.

The Teacup Maltese isn’t lazy though, and has a wonderful playful personality! They love to play games and will keep you on your toes, thriving when they can join in the fun with you. Despite their small size, they are much less likely to develop yappy tendencies like many other small dogs and are happy dog breed that loves life.

Their small size can mean that they are a little wary around other dogs, certainly ones that are bigger than them. Socialization is key for this pup, so they learn that they do not have to be afraid. Fortunately, the Teacup Maltese is a fast learners, and their love for people and pleasing them means they will not find socialization difficult. This also makes training easy, which is perfect if you are a first-time dog owner. Maltese Puppy for Sale Florida


A Teacup Maltese has an average life expectancy of between 12 and 15 years.

Known Health Issues

Unfortunately, as with any dog, the Teacup Maltese is prone to some health problems. The biggest health concern that this dog faces is hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. To help combat this, you should feed your Teacup Maltese three to four times a day to help keep their blood sugar levels up.

These pups can also suffer from liver, heart, and respiratory problems. This is down to their small size, so prospective owners must be prepared for higher vet bills. Regular vet checkups and keeping an eye on your dog will ensure you can catch any issues before they become untreatable. maltese puppies for sale near me